Colebridge Trust

Twitter: @colebridgetrust
Phone: 0121 711 3148
Contact: Dave Pinwell

Colebridge Trust is a community led development trust undertaking community development work in Solihull. Incorporated in 2002 and registered as a charity in 2014, its primary client groups are charities, small community organisations, learning disabled adults and the long term unemployed.

We have an excellent track record in supporting community sector organisations to success in their funding strategies as well as providing generalist
advice services across organisations, from trustee boards to front line workers.

We have an enviable record of securing employment for our long term unemployed clients. Our manufacturing assembly business is a profitable social enterprise, providing training and employment to learning disabled adults and unemployed young people and has received national attention.

  • Funding and organisational development support services
  • Employment support and vocational training services
  • Community learning and capacity building services
  • Web and media services
Track record – Key achievements over the last three years
  • 2014/15 – Supporting others to draw in over a million pound of funding in less than a year with a 90%+ success rate.
  • 2012-2014 – Running a programme which secures employment for over 40% of long term unemployed clients supported.
  • 2012-2015 – Producing 5 million parts in circa 3 years at our assembly enterprise.
  • 2013 – Taking learning disabled trainees into paid employment for the first time.
  • ISO9000