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Twitter: @bsettlement
Phone: 0121 250 0773
Contact: Martin Holcombe
Sharing skills at Birmingham Settlement

Birmingham Settlement is one of the oldest charities in Birmingham, dating back to 1899. We provide a range of services to meet the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Birmingham and further afield.

We work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, of all ages from young children to teenagers, right through to older people. Through our services we help people to identify and addressthe issues they face, improve opportunities available to them and empower the local community to have a voice, take control of their lives, make changes and support each other.

We provide a holistic approach to supporting individuals, addressing all areas of support and need that they may have, rather than addressing each issue in isolation, through which the individual is more likely to see a long term positive impact.

  • Money Advice
  • Community Action and Development
  • Employability and Skills Building
  • Assessment and Support
  • Older People
  • Children, Young People and Families
Track record – Key achievements over the last three years
  • Over 4,300 people have accessed our community services for services including assessments and support, Stay and Play sessions, IT training and Ageing Well activity sessions.
  • Our money advisers have supported over 2,500 people, rescheduled over £2.2m of debt and prevented 98 people from being evicted.
  • We have run more than 100 money advice outreach sessions with over 700 people attending.
  • Advice Quality Standard
  • Advice UK
  • Fundraising Standards Board
  • Investors in People
  • Social Enterprise Mark
  • Birmingham Business Charities for Social Responsibility